Green School Maui

by lightjourney on May 8, 2014

Aloha ! We begin.

Some elders say we are simply living in the nightmare of someone elses creation and its time to wake up and dream a new dream that respects and nourishes all of life..  Could it be that simple?  What does it take to wake up?
and most of all:  Whats your dreaming? 

There is a Native American saying that the top foot of soil is a pure reflection of the Culture upon it. Our soil is depleted and the soul of the Earth is diminished because she is forgotten. When children come they do not find what their spirit expects from the human continuum. But some of us agreed to come on a mission knowing the state of things.  Are you one of those?

 We have a farm. We are gathering like-minded souls to co-create this vision of a school that teaches and empowers Self-Responsibility and Soul-utions for a cleaner environment.

The Green School Template:

Using the Bali Green School as a successful template, the Maui Green School could serve many needed functions for the diverse citizens of the Island.

  • Preschool through grade 12 Permaculture Leadership School
  • Arts/music, Academics, and Vocational training every day
  • Integrated Hawaiian studies – culture, food, art, horticulture, marine biology, etc.
  • 20% full scholarships for Hawaiian students (who need scholarships)
  • Create jobs for qualified administrators, staff, and teachers who understand the mission and vision of the project
  • Showcase appropriate technologies and natural building techniques
  • Attract guest speakers and teachers from around the world to share knowledge and skills to students, staff, families, and the community
  • Develop curriculum for critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques, whole-systems design, pattern literacy, and the arts
  • Create off-season programming for a variety of learners of all ages

-       summer and winter camps
-       permaculture design classes

-       retreats

-       yoga programs

-       Lots of options here!!

  • Manage a profitable organic and biodynamic farm

-       growing (and preparing) food for the students and staff lunches every day

-       training farm for students

-       full-time jobs for farmers and chefs

-       excellent location to have a school/student run farm-stand on Hana Hwy, perhaps in conjunction with the existing farm-stand business affiliated with the existing on-site farm

-       opportunities for value-added farm products sourced from the land and made on-site

-       offer trainings and internships for resilient Hawaiian local solutions for food security and food justice

Now, give us your feedback and connect with us for our next meeting of the minds here on island.

Mahalo, Laurel


Light Journey Retreats & Education

by lightjourney on August 30, 2011

Welcome to Light Journey !



 Cleansing the soils and oceans

of our bodies and the planet


Yes, We are on a Journey and if there is anything I can do to keep it Light
or to return to the Light, well, that is the mission and breadth of this site.

come cleanse with us

Hawaii Cleansing

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dip into your dreams in sacred waters



Take a Cleansing Retreat in Hawaii or Australia.




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Reduce, re-use.

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bottle with filter

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Sustainable Living Education Camps, now being created in Australia and on Molokai.

surfing your dreams with sisters

Come Surfing and Stretching with us while eating high vibrational food.





Enjoy the Recipes that Laurel finds and creates on this journey,

And Buy the new Ebook that gives 5 years results of Cleansing on Maui, in easy 1,2,3 steps.  Learn why Alkalizing your body will keep the pain and dis-ease away.

Alkalize in your own home with the water that you drink from your tap.
Each sale supports YOUTH Education.  See below.

Connect re: our growing circle of friends who are growing their own food and kids, together.

Support the Educational Journey that Laurel is researching and compiling now, for Real Life Skills and Sustainable Living Training – in Camps and SuperSchools, for our kids and youth.

* * * * * * Please enjoy perusing the different aspects of the many layered Journey that our lives can be, while Laurel is traveling and sharing how to SIMPLIFY. * * * * * *

Most recently, with her current ‘EBook‘, The Body Garden,
being introduced on a Health Awareness Tour in Australia.

my 1st vegetable garden - thats collard greens n me








Laurel is finding that everything leads back to the OCEAN, which once covered the Earth.

Keep It Clean

This is where the minerals came from, that once were in the SOILS, now mostly depleted. Most dis-ease comes from the gut’ and from a lack of minerals, when in an ‘acid state’.  Luckily for us, an inventor/artist perfected the SEAWATER CLEANSE on Maui, and has been ‘youthing’ us ever since.  I have watched his hair and beard turn from grey to brown over the last 5 years while he experiments on himself.  No joke, this is THE SOURCE CLEANSE, if ever there was one.

I know, I emptied 22 feet of my small intestines, twice, and assisted many clients to do the same, over the last 5 years. Lose weight and years of aging, in just two weeks.  Turn any dis-ease around or ailment or chronic condition.  Go here, to learn WHY the answer is in the OCEAN;  If you would like to peruse the types of Cleansing Retreats that are on offer, please go to HAWAII LINK.

OCEANS, our largest ‘eater’ of CO2, is now going acidic instead of alkaline and will be less and less able to take it in, especially since we cut down so many trees that also absorb the harmful CO2.  Without the trees and the ocean – what will we do then?  If you would like to learn more about CLEANSING, in general, you can follow the BLOG or get the Ebook and ask questions to Laurel at anytime, FREE, to assist.

As a Waterwoman, I am now dedicating my life to the OCEAN, which does take me back to the ‘farm’ too.  Enjoy some of the lil movies on the farm on my YOUTUBE channel.  My mission is to clean-up and re-build (sustainably), most importantly, where is our food coming from?  We’ve practically fished out the seas, so why not plant a little something in your backyard?  Try aquaponics, there’s lots of INFO online that will engage your kids and reduce your food costs too.

The Ringing Cedars books were introduced to me on Maui about 6 years ago and now there is a social networking site where all that have read the 9 book series, congregate and share our stories, resources, and more.  Read up and re-member, our pristine origins, as humans.  It really makes sense and why we’re so intent upon getting food growing anywhere possible, especially in our own backyards.  Less driving, less environmental pollution, higher nutrition, higher sense of PEACE.

Check out the various links here as there are great resources and forums for these sustainable matters, such as the best recycled and filtered and alkalizing Water Bottle- to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.

After having introduced Bikram Yoga to Australia in 1995, I’m back and on purpose to reduce just the amount of plastic water bottles that get sold and discarded, from these studios, alone.  I tallied it up and it came to near 1 million bottles of plastic that will not break down in 700 years! What’s the rest of the country, world doing?
Go to this website to order the last water bottle you’ll ever buy and just replace the filters.  Use my name for your discount and know that your purchase is also supporting SUPERSCHOOLS on Molokai and in Australia, for our YOUTH.

IMAGINE, if 1/2 the population of all western countries would do that – overnight there would be so much less PLASTIC.  If you don’t want to pay retail, ask for our SAVE THE OCEANS discount, from our co-creator; David Kirby.

Stay tuned here, as I will continue to share what I find,
that is good for the Environment of the planet
as well as that of our bodies and minds.

A hui hou ~  laurel

pics say a 1,000+ words

who, why, and what